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Further observations on inclusion-bearing cells in urinary sediment in infectious diseases
  1. J. F. Boyd,
  2. Nada Nedelkoska1
  1. Brownlee Laboratory, the University Department of Infectious Diseases, Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow, N.W.
  2. University Department of Pathology, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, W.2


    A study of the cytology of the urinary sediment in 43 patients with known viral diseases has revealed a variety of inclusion-bearing cells in 28.

    The morphology of the cells suggest that the changes recorded may be due to the viral infections, at least in some instances, bearing in mind the findings of workers quoted in our 1964 report that cellular changes very similar to those induced by virus infections can be initiated by non-viral stimuli. Multinucleate giant cells are occasionally found in chickenpox, measles, herpes simplex infection, and in mumps.

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    • 1 British Council scholar. Present Address: The Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Skopje, Yugoslavia.