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Storage iron depletion in male blood donors: its significance for iron status in women
  1. J. Fielding,
  2. C. Karabus,
  3. Gillian M. Brunström
  1. St Mary's Hospital, Harrow Road, London


    Among 24 male blood donors without anaemia who had been giving a mean of 2·2 donations per year involving a mean blood loss of about 900 ml a year, 10 (41%) were found to be depleted of storage iron. This is somewhat higher but similar to the previously recorded findings in healthy women without anaemia.

    The results may well support a policy of limiting blood donation to twice a year in men and to once a year in women. Both men and women blood donors require medicinal iron after each donation.

    It is considered that storage iron depletion in non-anaemic women is not in the main related to pathological levels of menstrual loss but rather to inadequate dietary iron. Food iron in present-day diets should be supplemented.

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