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An evaluation of the Technicon AutoAnalyzer for automating complement-fixation tests
  1. C. E. D. Taylor,
  2. J. W. Kershaw,
  3. G. V. Heimer
  1. Diagnostic Reference Laboratory, Central Public Health Laboratory, Colindale


    Obviously there is need for a reliable means of automating complement-fixation tests. This paper offers an account of experience with an AutoAnalyzer adapted for this purpose. Results of syphilis screening tests done by the AutoAnalyzer compared with those of tests performed manually showed satisfactory agreement, the automated method being slightly less specific in our hands. There were no false negative results with the AutoAnalyzer if both Maltaner and Reiter protein antigens were used.

    The current design of the AutoAnalyzer contains three major shortcomings if it is to be used for large numbers of complement-fixation tests. First and foremost is the relatively slow sampling rate compatible with adequate sample discrimination. Second is the necessity for frequently replenishing the machine with samples. Third is the need for adjusting or cleaning the flow-cell during use.

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