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Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia associated with ovarian dermoid cyst
  1. L. R. I. Baker,
  2. M. C. Brain,
  3. J. G. Azzopardi,
  4. S. M. Worlledge
  1. Department of Haematology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London
  2. Department of Medicine, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London
  3. Department of Morbid Anatomy, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London


    A case of autoimmune haemolytic anaemia is described in which recovery, with disappearance of antibody, followed splenectomy and removal of an ovarian `dermoid' cyst. A causal relationship between removal of the ovarian tumour and recovery is strongly suggested and the possible pathogenesis discussed. Fourteen previously recorded cases of this association are reviewed.

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