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Horse agglutinins in infectious mononucleosis
  1. C. L. Lee,
  2. F. Zandrew,
  3. I. Davidsohn
  1. Department of Pathology, The Chicago Medical School, University of Health Sciences, Chicago, Illinois 60608
  2. Department of Experimental Pathology, Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois 60608

    III Criterion for differential diagnosis


    One hundred infectious mononucleosis and the same number of non-infectious mononucleosis sera were studied to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of horse erythrocytes in the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis. Titres of horse agglutinins in infectious mononucleosis sera ranged from 28 to 7,168 with a geometric mean of 550, whereas the corresponding sheep agglutinin titres ranged from less than 7 to 3,584, with a geometric mean of 126. Horse agglutinin titres of non-infectious mononucleosis sera ranged from less than 7 to 896, with a geometric mean of 59.

    Infectious mononucleosis sera tested with horse erythrocytes before and after absorption with guinea pig kidney and beef erythrocytes showed patterns different from those of non-infectious mononucleosis sera, even when sheep agglutinin titres were too low for satisfactory evaluation.

    After absorption with guinea pig kidney, horse agglutinin titres of infectious mononucleosis sera were uniformly higher than in the corresponding serum absorbed with beef erythrocytes. This was not the case for non-infectious mononucleosis sera.

    Results confirm our previously expressed view that horse erythrocytes are preferable to sheep erythrocytes in the serological diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis.

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    III Criterion for differential diagnosis


    • 1 Two previous papers `Horse agglutinins in infectious mononucleosis' by C. L. Lee, I. Davidsohn, and R. Slaby, and `Horse agglutinins in infectious mononucleosis, II, The spot test' by C. L. Lee, I. Davidsohn, and O. Panczyszyn, were published in Amer. J. clin. Path., 49, 3-11 and 12-18, 1968.