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Semi-automatic method for routine evaluation of fibrinolytic components
  1. D. Collen,
  2. G. Tytgat,
  3. M. Verstraete
  1. Laboratory of Physiopathology, Department of Medicine, University of Louvain, Belgium
  2. Section Blood Coagulation, Department of Medicine, University of Louvain, Belgium


    A semi-automatic method for the routine evaluation of fibrinolytic activity is described. The principle is based upon graphic recording by a multichannel voltmeter of tension drops over a potentiometer, caused by variations in the influence of light upon a light-dependent resistance, resulting from modifications in the composition of the fibrin fibres by lysis.

    The method is applied to the assessment of certain fibrinolytic factors with widespread fibrinolytic endpoints, and the results are compared with simultaneously obtained visual data on the plasmin assay, the plasminogen assay, and on the euglobulin clot lysis time.

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