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Serum globulins and infection in mongolism
  1. A. W. Griffiths,
  2. P. E. Sylvester,
  3. E. Mary Baylis
  1. St Lawrence's Hospital, Caterham, Surrey
  2. Area Laboratory, West Park Hospital, Epsom, Surrey


    Comparisons are made between a large group of mongols cared for in institutions and their carefully matched controls in respect of (a) serum levels of immuno-γ-globulin (γA, γG, and γM) and (b) the incidence of pyrexial illnesses over a retrospective five-year period. Male mongols are found to have higher levels of γA-globulin than their male controls and a higher incidence of pyrexial illnesses. Otherwise no significant differences were found. The findings are discussed in the light of previous studies.

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