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Comparative study of immunological tests for pregnancy diagnosis
  1. Joyce L. Bell
  1. Department of Chemical Pathology, The Royal Free Hospital, London


    The reliability of five commercially produced immunological pregnancy diagnosis methods has been investigated. The tests used were Pregnosticon (a tube test) and four slide tests, Hyland, Pregslide, Gravindex, and Planotest. In the series described, Planotest gave 0·5% false positives, Gravindex had 2·1%, Pregnosticon 2·6%, and Pregslide 4·7%, Hyland A (sensitivity 4,500 iu/l.) gave 3·6% and Hyland B (sensitivity 2 to 3,000 iu/l.) had 8·7% false positives. Pregnosticon had 0·5% false negatives, Planotest 2·0%, Gravindex 3·5%, Hyland B 6·5%, Pregslide 9%, and Hyland A 19·5% false negatives.

    Planotest and Pregnosticon were found to be less influenced by protein and blood in the urine than the other pregnancy tests investigated.

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