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Aberrant glandular polypi of the uterine cervix associated with contraceptive pills: Pathology and pathogenesis
  1. A. D. T. Govan,
  2. W. P. Black,
  3. Jessie L. Sharp
  1. Research Department, Royal Maternity Hospital, Glasgow


    Fifteen cases of aberrant polypoidal glandular hyperplasia of the cervix are described. The lesion was found in five pregnant patients. The remaining 10 patients had taken contraceptive pills over a considerable period of time.

    The lesion while histologically bizarre is benign, the changes being to a great extent cytoplasmic and not nuclear. It is suggested that it is formed by the influence of steroids on a cervix which is already pathological. It is further suggested that two changes are essential before steroids can have this effect. Polypoidal lesions must already be present and must exhibit reserve cell hyperplasia.

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