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Congenital mesonephric defects in male infants with mucoviscidosis
  1. J. R. Olson,
  2. D. K. Weaver
  1. Department of Pathology, The University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


    Reports that men with mucoviscidosis were sterile and that portions of their genital tracts were atretic prompted us to investigate the genital tracts of 15 male infants with mucoviscidosis who died within the first year of life and came to necropsy. The genital tracts of all of these infants were abnormal, the abnormalities being confined to mesonephric derivatives. Hypoplastic or absent ducti efferentia, ducti epididymides, or ducti deferentia were found in all 28 specimens of epididymides, and the ducti deferentia were missing from 25 of 27 examples of spermatic cord. The seminal vesicles and the ejaculatory ducts were less frequently hypoplastic or absent. Because these abnormalities of mesonephric derivatives were present so early in life and inflammatory and obstructive changes were absent we believe that they resulted from a failure of development.

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