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An assessment of the Coulter counter model S
  1. P. H. Pinkerton,
  2. I. Spence,
  3. J. C. Ogilvie,
  4. W. A. Ronald,
  5. Patricia Marchant,
  6. P. K. Ray
  1. Department of Laboratory Haematology, University of Toronto Clinic, Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Canada
  2. Institute of Applied Statistics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


    An assessment of the Coulter model S automatic blood counter has been carried out. The standard deviations for the haemoglobin concentration, haematocrit, red cell count, and white cell count are, respectively, ± 0·15 g/100 ml, ± 0·45%, ± 0·04 m/c mm, and ± 0·47 thous/c mm. These results are clearly more accurate than careful manual estimates, performed for comparison on the same samples. Details of the comparisons are presented. A comparison is also made with routine daily estimations.

    `Carryover' from one sample to the next was found to be about 2%, and tests in the ranges likely to be found in practice showed good linearity for the haemoglobin estimation, haematocrit, red cell count, and white cell count. A brief account of instrument failures is given.

    The performance of the Coulter model S compares well with that of other automated equipment for which detailed evaluations are available.

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