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Pernicious anaemia among Arabs in Kuwait
  1. S. A. Ali,
  2. A. R. Al-Yusuf,
  3. S. N. Salem,
  4. E. El-Ghamrawy,
  5. S. Zagulaul
  1. Al-Sabah Hospital and the Emerie Hospital, Kuwait


    Addisonian pernicious anaemia is believed to be very rare in Arabs. Three cases are reported. Two were Jordanians of Palestinian origin and one an Egyptian. All had the typical peripheral macrocytosis, a frankly megaloblastic bone marrow, and a Schilling test result in the range of pernicious anaemia. All three improved remarkably on vitamin B12 therapy and have maintained a normal haemoglobin level. There was no evidence of gastric carcinoma in any of these cases.

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