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Evaluation of haptoglobin phenotype 0-0 in cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic hospital populations
  1. Manis Nandi,
  2. George P. Lewis,
  3. Hershel Jick,
  4. Dennis Slone,
  5. Samuel Shapiro,
  6. Victor Siskind
  1. Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  2. Tufts University Medical School, and the Veterans Administration Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


    The haptoglobin phenotypes of 3,332 individuals, consisting of 2,930 caucasians and 402 negroes living in the greater Boston area, were determined. Of these, 3,222 were hospitalized medical patients fully documented regarding diagnoses. One hundred and twentyeight of the total population studied were shown to exhibit starch gel anhaptoglobinaemia (3·7%). Re-evaluation on acrylamide gel of 118 0-0 samples revealed that the majority (94%) were derived from patients exhibiting hypohaptoglobinaemia rather than anhaptoglobinaemia.

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    • 1 This research was supported by clinical pharmacology training grant number HE 5616-05 from the National Heart Institute and in part by contract PH-43-67-1485, National Institute of General Medical Sciences. and Clinical Pharmacology Training Program no. 42, Veterans Administration, USA.

      Request for reprints to be made to M.N., Clinical Pharmacology, Boston V.A. Hospital, 150 South Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02130, USA.