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False positive Wassermann reaction associated with evidence of enterovirus infection
  1. R. A. Quaife,
  2. J. V. T. Gostling
  1. Public Health Laboratory, St Mary's General Hospital, East Wing, Milton Road, Portsmouth


    A large proportion of high titre Coxsackie B5 complement-fixation tests was detected among sera giving false positive Wassermann reactions during 1969. Echo virus type 9 proved to be the prevailing enterovirus and is one of those which induces the formation of antibody to Coxsackie B5. One case of Echo virus type 9 meningitis is presented which produced a false positive Wassermann reaction and a high titre Coxsackie B5 complement-fixation test. The relationship between Echo virus type 9 infection, Coxsackie complement-fixation test results, and false positive Wassermann reactions is considered significant.

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