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Plasminogen assay by a haemagglutination inhibition technique
  1. C. A. Ludlam,
  2. P. C. Das
  1. Regional Transfusion Centre, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh
  2. Blood Products Unit, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh


    Formaldehyde or gluteraldehyde cells treated with tannic acid were coated with plasminogen. These cells are agglutinated by plasminogen antiserum and this reaction can be quantitatively inhibited by purified plasminogen, plasma, and euglobulin. Correlation between this haemagglutination assay and a caseinolytic method is good. The sensitivity of the technique is high and compares favourably with other immunological methods and is approximately 10 times more sensitive than caseinolytic assays. The merits of this type of assay are discussed.

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