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Simplified organ cultures of human embryo trachea in the diagnosis of viral respiratory disease of children
  1. A. P. C. H. Roome,
  2. Valerie Dickinson,
  3. E. O. Caul
  1. Virology Laboratory, Bristol Royal Hospital for Sick Children
  2. Bacteriology Department, Bristol University Medical School
  3. Virology Department, Bristol Public Health Laboratory


    Organ cultures of human embryonic trachea in test tubes were used as an adjunct to tissue cultures in the isolation of respiratory viruses from children in hospital. Fifty-one viruses were obtained from 127 specimens, giving an isolation rate of 40%. Fifteen viruses were isolated from the original tissue cultures and also after passage through organ culture. Thirty viruses were isolated from the original tissue culture only, and six viruses only from organ culture (three para-influenza, one influenza A, and one rhinovirus). An increase of 5% in virus isolation rate over that of standard tissue culture was obtained.

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