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Lymphocytic tumours of the conjunctiva
  1. Gwyn Morgan
  1. Department of Pathology, Institute of Ophthalmology, London


    Twenty-six cases of lymphocytic tumour of the conjunctiva, which were originally classified as benign lymphoma and lymphosarcoma, were followed up for more than five years, They were then reclassified into non-disseminating and disseminating groups. Only when germinal follicles are present can a histological diagnosis of benign lymphoma be made. Moreover, it is only when lymphoblasts are seen to be infiltrating the tissues that a definitive diagnosis of lymphosarcoma can be made. The remaining tumours, which represent the large majority of lesions, show a very similar or identical histological picture, and a diagnosis of benignity or malignancy can only be made after a prolonged follow up. The possible nature of the non-disseminating lymphocytic tumours is briefly discussed.

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