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Histological findings in pseudomembranous trigonitis
  1. L. Henry,
  2. M. Fox
  1. University Department of Pathology, The Royal Hospital, Sheffield
  2. Department of Urology, The Royal Hospital, Sheffield


    Pseudomembranous trigonitis presents in females with the urethral syndrome and a characteristic lesion restricted to the trigone of the bladder. The histology shows `vaginal metaplasia' of the epithelium together with underlying oedema and vascular dilatation, but no significant inflammation. Thirty-one such cases are included in the study. The possible role of oestrogen stimulation is discussed, together with a suggestion that the trigone has an embryological derivation distinct from the remainder of the bladder, allowing the trigonal epithelium to respond to oestrogenic stimulation in a manner denied to the vesical transitional epithelium.

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