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The long-term storage of blood for transfusion using an improved container for freezing the red cells in liquid nitrogen
  1. W. J. Jenkins,
  2. J. Blagdon
  1. North-East Metropolitan Regional Blood Transfusion Centre, Crescent Drive, Brentwood, Essex


    Considerable experience has been gained in the operation of a bank of blood frozen in liquid nitrogen. The procedure for freezing and recovering the red cells is, in principle, that described by Krijnen, Kuivenhoven, and de Wit (1970). An improved metal freezing container offers greater freedom from liquid nitrogen leaks and hence, bacterial contamination. Over 500 units of blood have been preserved and used for transfusions without mishap, and many advantages are seen in this relatively economical method for the long-term storage of blood.

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    • 1 Part of this work was carried out with the aid of a grant from the Department of Health and Social Security through the Laboratory Equipment and Methods Advisory Group.