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Sudden unexplained death in infancy and hyperimmunization
  1. G. E. D. Urquhart,
  2. R. W. Logan,
  3. M. M. Izatt
  1. Viral Epidemiology Unit, University of Glasgow, Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow
  2. Department of Pathological Biochemistry, Yorkhill Children's and Maternity Hospitals, Glasgow
  3. Glasgow and West of Scotland Blood Transfusion Service, Law Hospital, Carluke, Lanarkshire


    Serum immunoglobulin concentrations, predominantly IgM, were raised in 72% of 39 sudden infant death cases, consistent with a state of prolonged or repeated antigenic stimulation.

    Anti-antibody was found in cases of sudden death significantly more frequently than in ill but living control infants. It is suggested that anti-antibody might participate in fatal anaphylaxis in such cases.

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