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Quality control in bacteriology: preliminary trials
  1. E. Joan Stokes,
  2. J. L. Whitby2
  1. University College Hospital, London
  2. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham


    Six trials of quality control material sent in the form of artificial specimens are reported. A method of assessment using a computer for complex results, including antibiotic sensitivity tests, was employed. The trials were successful in showing the need for a comprehensive service and in bringing to light by this method a wide variety of errors.

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    • 2 Present address: Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.

    • 1 Other participants: Blowers, R., Bradley, J. M., Brumfitt, W., Crone, P. B., Cunliffe, A. C., Darrell, J. H., Dowsett, L. M., Furniss, A. L., Greenbury, C. L., Gruneberg, R. N., Hughes, M. H., Hurley, R., Hutchison, J. G. P., Jebb, W. H. H., Kingsley Smith, A. J., McCoy, M. H., Meers, P. D., Mohun, A. F., Mortimer, P. R., Speller, D. C. E., Taylor, C. E. D., Turner, G. C., Williams, R. E. O., and Willis, A. T.