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The fibrinolytic enzyme system in hepatic cirrhosis and malignant metastases
  1. D. Ogston,
  2. N. B. Bennett,
  3. C. M. Ogston
  1. Department of Medicine, University of Aberdeen


    Components of the blood fibrinolytic system were measured in 18 patients with hepatic cirrhosis, in two patients with acute hepatic necrosis, and in 10 patients with hepatic metastases. The frequency of an elevation of plasminogen activator and a reduction in plasminogen in hepatic cirrhosis has been confirmed. Patients with compensated cirrhosis had low levels of the serum inhibitor of plasminogen activation while those with severe hepatic insufficiency or coma due to cirrhosis or hepatic necrosis had elevated levels. The presence of hepatic metastases was associated with reduced plasminogen activator levels and an increase in the fibrinogen concentration.

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