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Disseminated Herpesvirus hominis (Herpes simplex) infection: retrospective diagnosis by light and electron microscopy of paraffin wax-embedded tissues
  1. A. G. Rose,
  2. W. B. Becker1
  1. Department of Pathology, University of Cape Town Medical School
  2. Department of Bacteriology, University of Cape Town Medical School
  3. MRC Virus Research Unit, University of Cape Town Medical School


    Disseminated Herpesvirus hominis infection had previously been reported from other parts of the world, but the disease was initially recognized at necropsy in Cape Town in 1957 (McKenzie, Hansen, and Becker, 1959).

    The present retrospective study established that the disease had been occurring before 1957 but that its aetiology had not been recognized. An awareness of the disease, together with an adequate knowledge of the clinical history, the morbid anatomy, and histology of the lesions, usually allows a confident diagnosis to be made.

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    • 1 Present address: Department of Virology, University of Stellenbosch Medical School, Private Bag 4, Tiervlei, Cape