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A rapid micro-method for the screening and measurement of barbiturates and related compounds in plasma by gas-liquid chromatography
  1. R. J. Flanagan,
  2. G. Withers1
  1. Poisons Unit, Guy's Hospital, London 2


    A rapid gas-chromatographic method has been developed for the determination of butobarbitone, amylobarbitone, hexabarbitone, pentobarbitone, quinalbarbitone, phenobarbitone glutethimide, and methaqualone in `finger-prick' samples of plasma. This has been applied to the analysis of some of these drugs in plasma taken from patients after therapeutic dosage and over-dosage.

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    • 1 Now at School of Pharmacy, University of London, Brunswick Square, London, WC1.

    • 2 Reprints from Poisons Unit, New Cross Hospital, Avonley Road, London, SE14 5ER.