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Stimulation of growth on a deficient medium of a Klebsiella aerogenes species by sulphonamide, para-amino benzoic acid, nitrofurantoin, and some other substances
  1. D. McGhie,
  2. J. G. P. Hutchison,
  3. R. G. Finch
  1. Regional Public Health Laboratory, East Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham


    A strain of Klebsiella aerogenes is described which was unable to grow from light inocula on 5% lysed horse blood diagnostic sensitivity test (DST) agar. It was able to grow on DST agar without added horse cells and MacConkey and nutrient agar. Growth on a deficient medium was promoted by sulphonamides and nitrofurantoin as well as by para-amino benzoic acid, para-amino salicylic acid, procaine hydrochloride, thymine, and uracil.

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