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Manipulative and inherent errors in anti-D quantitation using the AutoAnalyzer
  1. H. H. Gunson,
  2. P. K. Phillips,
  3. F. Stratton
  1. Regional Transfusion Service, Manchester


    The limits of accuracy for the quantitation of anti-D using the AutoAnalyzer have been reduced from ± 26% with manually prepared dilutions to ± 14% using an automatic pipette, as expressed by the 95% confidence limits. The error inherent in the AutoAnalyzer was estimated to contribute ± 10% to the overall error.

    Problems associated with the reproducibility of this method for anti-D quantitation have been investigated, namely, the effect of the age of a given test cell, the use of different test cells, loss of sensitivity of the machine over a given day, and the reproducibility of results obtained at different positions on the standard graph.

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