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Virological studies of sudden, unexplained infant deaths in Glasgow 1967-70
  1. G. E. D. Urquhart1,
  2. N. R. Grist
  1. Viral Epidemiology Unit of the University Department of Infectious Diseases, Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow
  2. Regional Virus Laboratory, Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow


    Virus isolation tests on 72 sudden unexplained infant deaths and 34 cases of explained death showed that 42 and 29% respectively had virus infections. A wide range of viruses was encountered, mainly enteroviruses and adenoviruses, mostly from bowel specimens. The findings did not suggest that overwhelming virus infection was a common feature of sudden death in infancy.

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    • 1 Present address: Public Health Laboratory, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Southgate Street, Gloucester.