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Application of an improved system of electrophoresis in acrylamide gel to studies on the sera of different species
  1. N. St. G. Hyslop
  1. Animal Pathology Division, Health of Animals Branch, Canada Department of Agriculture, Animal Diseases Research Institute, Hull, Quebec, Canada


    Polyacrylamide gels constitute a generally better matrix for routine electrophoresis of serum proteins than other media commonly employed, but the immunoglobulin fractions of the largest size may not migrate into gels in which the acrylamide concentration exceeds 5%. To facilitate adequate separation, slabs containing a semi-solid layer were prepared from discontinuous gels consisting of 2 to 8% acrylamide. Serum samples were subjected to electrophoresis, under carefully controlled conditions at pH 9·0, by means of a pulsed constant power supply.

    The method provided a rapid, reproducible, and relatively simple technique for the study of human serum proteins, either by electrophoresis or by immunoelectrophoresis, and for differentiation of serum samples from various animal species.

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