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Frequency of intraendothelial `virus-like' particles: An electron microscopy study of 376 human renal biopsies
  1. J. Bariéty,
  2. D. Richer,
  3. M. D. Appay,
  4. J. Grossetete,
  5. P. Callard
  1. Laboratoire de Morphologie et d'Immunopathologie Rénales, CNRS ERA 48 and INSERM U 28, Hôpital Broussais, Paris, France


    Intraendothelial `virus-like' particles were found in all cases requiring a renal biopsy: in 89% of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), in 73% of those receiving renal transplants more than one year before, and in 24·5% of all other renal biopsies.

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