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Hepatic cirrhosis: A clinico-pathological review of 520 cases
  1. R. N. M. MacSween,
  2. A. R. Scott1
  1. University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  2. Department of Pathology, Western Infirmary, Glasgow


    A clinico-pathological review of 520 patients with hepatic cirrhosis coming to necropsy at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow over the period 1900-69 is reported. There has been an overall increase in incidence of cirrhosis since the 1940s, and this has been largely due to a rise in female incidence. A similar trend in the period 1940-71 has been confirmed at a national level in data abstracted from the Annual Reports of the Registrar General for Scotland.

    The mean age at death has risen for both sexes. Aetiologically, the cirrhosis was alcoholic in 18·5%, posticteric in 10·4%, cryptogenic in 61·9%, and haemochromatosis was diagnosed in 7·5%. Primary malignant tumours of liver supervened in 12·3%. The causes of death and the morphological patterns of the cirrhosis are reviewed.

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    • 1 Present address: Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow.