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Inflammatory pseudo-tumours of the abdomen: plasma cell granulomas
  1. Jane P. Wu1,
  2. Eduardo J. Yunis,
  3. George Fetterman,
  4. Walter F. Jaeschke,
  5. Enid F. Gilbert
  1. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  2. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


    Pseudo-tumours of the plasma cell granuloma type are reported in two patients. One was retroperitoneal and the other intraabdominal. Most of the cases of plasma cell granulomas described in the literature have been in the lung (Brunn, 1939; Childress and Adie, 1950; Cotton, 1952; Umiker and Iverson, 1954; Lane, Krohn, Kolozai, and Whitehead, 1955; Liebow and Hubbell, 1956; Titus, Harrison, Clagett, Anderson, and Knaff, 1962; Mason, Keats, and Baker, 1963; Wentworth, Lynch, Fallis, Turner, Lowden, and Conen, 1968; Bahadori and Liebow, 1973). A retroperitoneal site has not to our knowledge been reported previously. The postinflammatory nature of such lesions and the significance of a previous history of abdominal surgery are emphasized. It is important to be aware of such benign lesions which may simulate malignant tumours so that unnecessary radical treatment can be avoided.

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    • 1 Address for reprints: Dr Jane P. Wu, Department of Pathology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, Madison, Wisconsin, 53706.