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Intravascular coagulation and E. coli septicaemia
  1. F. E. Preston,
  2. R. G. Malia,
  3. M. J. Sworn,
  4. E. K. Blackburn
  1. University Department of Haematology, The Royal Infirmary, Sheffield
  2. University Department of Pathology, The Royal Infirmary, Sheffield


    Eight patients with E. coli septicaemia had oliguric renal failure which was associated with haematological evidence of intravascular coagulation. Five of these patients also had the characteristic blood picture of microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia.

    In an attempt to prevent further deposition of fibrin, intravenous heparin was administered to six patients, three of whom recovered fully and three died.

    The diagnosis of intravascular coagulation was subsequently confirmed by histological examination of necropsy material and it is suggested that some of the complications of E. coli septicaemia may be attributable to disseminated intravascular coagulation.

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