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Variable sex chromatin pattern in an early carcinoma of the bladder
  1. N. B. Atkin,
  2. I. Petković
  1. Department of Cancer Research, Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Middlesex


    Sex chromatin studies on squash preparations of a well differentiated transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder without evidence of invasion from a female aged 63 revealed a single body in some regions, but two to four bodies in others. All regions were near diploid according to DNA estimations. Previous observations on a variety of invasive tumours of females showed that the presence of more than one sex chromatin body is generally associated with a high chromosome number. The pattern of two or more bodies in near-diploid cells seen in this non-invasive tumour may therefore characterize an intermediate stage of clonal evolution, eventually resulting in malignancy, when the cell line has not yet achieved the ability to invade or metastasize.

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