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A trial of prophylactic replacement therapy in haemophilia and Christmas disease
  1. D. M. Ramsay1,
  2. A. C. Parker
  1. Department of Haematology, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Scotland


    A trial of prophylactic replacement therapy in low dosage once a week is described in two patients with classical haemophilia and one patient with Christmas disease, using concentrates of factor VIII and factor IX respectively. The clinical effectiveness and complications of the therapy are assessed and discussed. It was concluded that the patient suffering from Christmas disease showed both objective and subjective improvement while on prophylaxis and merited further study. Neither of the patients with haemophilia showed objective evidence of improvement, but both stated that they felt fitter and more able to lead a normal life while on the trial.

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    • 1 Dr D. M. Ramsay, Department of Haematology, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh EH3 9YW, Scotland