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Effects of changes in temperature (local and central) on plasma fibrinolytic activity
  1. B. Dodman,
  2. W. J. Cunliffe,
  3. B. E. Roberts,
  4. C. W. Buchan
  1. Departments of Dermatology, Leeds General Infirmary, St James's (University) Hospital
  2. Harrogate General Hospital
  3. Department of Haematology, Leeds General Infirmary


    The effect of local and whole-body heating and cooling on plasma fibrinolytic activity has been investigated in 59 subjects. An increase in whole-body temperature and both local cooling and heating increased the fibrinolytic activity. The results demonstrate that the application of local heat or cold will produce a local increase in fibrinolytic activity which is independent of general factors such as emotion and stress.

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