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Association of white cell and red cell antibodies in human sera
  1. Jill M. Ross1,
  2. D. C. O. James
  1. Tissue Typing Laboratory, Westminster Hospital, London
  2. Blood Transfusion Unit, Westminster Hospital, London


    Five hundred and eighteen human sera containing known red cell antibodies were tested for lymphocytotoxic antibodies and 81 sera were found to contain them. Thirty-nine antibodies were fully characterized. The frequencies of anti-I, K, Vw, and Wra were significantly greater in those of the 518 sera which also contained white cell antibodies.

    Four hundred and ninety-four of the 518 sera containing red cell antibodies contained anti-Rh and anti-Kell. The frequency of white cell antibodies in this group was 15% compared with a frequency of 12% in a series of 923 antenatal samples not containing anti-Rh or anti-Kell.

    The frequencies of different anti-HL-A specificities were compared in the two groups with or without anti-Rh and anti-Kell antibodies. Anti-HL-A 1, 7, and 8 occurred more frequently in the absence of these red cell antibodies and anti-HL-A 12 occurred more frequently in their presence.

    No correlation was found between particular red cell and white cell antibodies.

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