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Simplification of urinary aldosterone measurement by radioimmunoassay
  1. C. L. Cope1,
  2. S. Loizou
  1. Department of Medicine, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London


    An anti-aldosterone serum has been used to measure urinary aldosterone concentration. A single stage of paper chromatography provides an extract of sufficient purity. Further purification by additional chromatography in a different solvent system only improves the purity by 3% ± 8 (SD). Blanks are negligible and recovery of added aldosterone is 104% ± 10 (SD).

    A simplified rapid screening assay capable of revealing gross deviations from the normal is also suggested.

    The diagnostic value of the assay is indicated.

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    • 1 Correspondence to: Dr C. L. Cope, Department of Medicine, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Ducane Road, London W12 0HS.