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Recurrent haematuria and mesangial IgA deposition
  1. D. R. Davies,
  2. J. R. Tighe,
  3. N. F. Jones,
  4. G. W. Brown
  1. Department of Surgical Pathology, St Thomas' Hospital, London
  2. Renal Unit, St Thomas' Hospital, London


    Six patients are described in whom recurrent haematuria was associated with IgA deposits in the glomerular mesangium. These patients conform closely to the nephropathy described by Berger. The condition can only be definitely diagnosed by immunofluorescence techniques. These six patients were diagnosed in one renal unit within 18 months and, despite the absence of reports from British units, this nephropathy is probably not uncommon. No treatment for it is known at present but the prognosis appears to be good in most patients. Renal failure and hypertension have been reported and long-term follow up is necessary to clarify the natural history of the disease.

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