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Immunological studies in a case of T-cell leukaemia
  1. G. Stathopoulos,
  2. M. Papamichail,
  3. P. Sheldon,
  4. D. Catovsky,
  5. A. J. S. Davies,
  6. E. J. Holborow,
  7. Eve Wiltshaw
  1. Department of Immunobiology, Chester Beatty Research Institute, London
  2. MRC Rheumatism Unit, Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital, Taplow
  3. Department of Chemotherapy, Royal Marsden Hospital, London
  4. MRC Leukaemia Unit, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London


    The blood lymphocytes from a case of prolymphocytic leukaemia were subjected to a battery of different tests in order to establish as certainly as possible their T or B cell type of origin. The results of the tests for surface markers indicated the T-cell origin of the leukaemic cells in this patient, and this provided a good opportunity to determine the participation of T cells in the various tests proposed for measuring human lymphocyte function.

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