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Implementation of a British computer system for laboratory data handling
  1. C. H. Gray,
  2. A. D. Hirst,
  3. P. J. N. Howorth,
  4. T. P. Locke,
  5. B. Mellor1,
  6. M. Walter
  1. Department of Chemical Pathology, King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London


    This paper describes the development and implementation of a small real-time British computer system for the handling of patient and test result data in the chemical pathology laboratories of the King's Health District (Teaching). Work destined for subsequent reporting by the computer system is entered by continuous on-line teletype. Test result data from multichannel analyzers are input using an on-line trace reader. Cumulative reports are printed both by line printer at the central laboratory and by on-line teletypes at two peripheral hospital laboratories. In a working day over 4000 new items of data are generated and 300-500 reports printed. The use of a trace reader as an inputing device and the method of employing a high capacity disk to give both speed of operation and limited archive facility are discussed.

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