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Comparative cytogenetical and morphological studies in ovarian dysgenesis
  1. Magdolna Gaál,
  2. J. László,
  3. P. Bösze
  1. Department of Pathology, Institute for Medicine in Relation to Physical Education and Sports, Budapest, Hungary
  2. Cytogenetic Laboratory of the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Postgraduate Medical School, Budapest, Hungary


    In 14 cases of the Turner syndrome and pure gonadal dysgenesis streak gonads were studied histologically. In cases where the 46,XX line was unimpaired the blood vessels of the gonad showed severe degeneration in at least 30 to 50%. These streak gonads usually contained some of the characteristic ovarian elements as well as the vascular lesions. In gonosomal monosomy, on the other hand, a similar intensive vascular degeneration could not be found and the gonad consisted of indeterminate connective tissue. These observations are strong indications of a close correlation between karyotype and the histology of the streak gonad, which may supply further information on the manner and timing of the development of the streak gonad.

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