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An evaluation of low voltage counterimmuno-electrophoresis for the detection of hepatitis-B antigen (HB Ag)
  1. E. O. Caul,
  2. P. C. Roberts
  1. Public Health Laboratory, Myrtle Road, Kingsdown, Bristol


    A newly available low voltage counterimmunoelectrophoresis (CIEP) system for the detection of HB Ag (Hapindex, Ortho Diagnostics) was compared with a conventional CIEP method used at this laboratory. A total of 1216 sera were tested. The Hapindex system was found to be at least as sensitive as the conventional CIEP. No false positives were found in this series. The elimination of any preparative work makes the Hapindex system particularly suitable for laboratories not testing large numbers of sera for HB Ag. It also eliminates many of the contamination hazards inherent in the conventional method.

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