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Diagnostic electron microscopy of faeces
  1. T. H. Flewett,
  2. Heather Davies,
  3. A. S. Bryden,
  4. M. J. Robertson
  1. Regional Virus Laboratory, East Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham

    II Acute gastroenteritis associated with reovirus-like particles


    Virus particles resembling reoviruses or orbiviruses were found in the faeces of 40 of 73 patients under 6 years of age with acute gastroenteritis and in faeces of only two babies among 31 patients under 6 years admitted to hospital with other diagnoses. In morphology the particles resemble orbiviruses more closely than reoviruses, but differ in appearance from the orbiviruses in having a smooth, circular outline with a well marked continuous rim as seen in negatively stained preparations. They appear not to be serologically related to reovirus types 1, 2, or 3 and may be members of a new group.

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    II Acute gastroenteritis associated with reovirus-like particles