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A clinicopathological review of 100 cases of primary malignant tumours of the liver
  1. R. N. M. MacSween
  1. University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  2. Department of Pathology, The Western Infirmary, Glasgow


    One hundred cases of primary malignant tumour of the liver coming to necropsy in the period 1900-1969 have been reviewed. The overall tumour incidence was 0·46% of all necropsies. The overall tumour incidence in hepatic cirrhosis was 12·3%, but the corresponding male and female incidences were 17·5 and 4·4% respectively. There was no significantly increased tumour incidence in haemochromatosis.

    An increasing incidence of primary malignant tumours of the liver has been noted since 1940 and appears to be due to a corresponding increase in incidence of hepatic cirrhosis. Hepatocellular carcinomas outnumbered cholangiocarcinomas by 8 to 1, were more common in males than females (6 to 1), and in 77% of cases occurred in cirrhotic livers. Tumours supervened as a complication of macronodular or predominantly macronodular cirrhotic patterns.

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