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Mechanized blood grouping: a hospital trial using an 8-channel grouping machine.
  1. G C Jenkins,
  2. R G Fewell,
  3. M J Lloyd,
  4. J Brown,
  5. J Judd,
  6. R S Lane,
  7. W J Jenkins


    ABO and Rh (D) groups of 6403 blood samples were assessed on an 8/9-channel autoanalyser in the Serology Department of the London Hospital; the results were independently checked at the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre, Brentwood, using the routine methods for grouping donor blood. Results of this comparative study are given and instances are described in which anomalous results or incorrect groupings occurred; the possible causes are discussed. The 8/9-channel automated blood group analyser is evaluated in terms of routine hospital laboratory practice.

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