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A clinico-pathological study of vulval dermatoses.
  1. P C Leighton,
  2. F A Langley


    A long-term review of 108 women suffering from various forms of vulval dermatosis is described and a detailed analysis of those with chronic hypertrophic vulvitis, lichen sclerosus et atrophicus, and neurodermatitis is made. One case of neurodermatitis and two cases of lichen sclerosus progressed to carcinoma but no case of chronic hypertrophic vulvitis became malignant. It is possible that vulval dermatoses occur more commonly in the nulliparous than in the parous women and there is a slight preponderance of women who are blood group A. It is suggested that the term "leukoplakia" should be abandoned and that vulval lesions should be described in precise and meaningful histological terms.

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