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Effect of clotrimazole on Naegleria fowleri.
  1. A Jamieson


    The sensitivity of 18 strains of Naegleria fowleri to clotrimazole (Bay b5097) was tested. They showed minimal inhibitory concentrations in the range 0-03-0-125 mug/ml, and minimal amoebicidal concentrations in the range 0-125-0-25 mug/ml. Mice inoculated with N. fowleri were not protected from infection by doses of 100 mg clotrimazole/kg per day given for five days after inoculation. Mice had serum levels of up to 6 mug/ml in the first 32 hours after inoculation. Therefore clotrimazole appears to be ineffective in protecting against infection with N. fowleri.

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