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Cor pulmonale due to tumour embolism derived from intrasinusoidal metastatic liver carcinoma.
  1. R A Burnett


    Two cases of primary breast carcinoma are described, both terminating in acute cardiorespiratory failure due to multiple tumour micro-embolism. In both cases the source of the emboli was extensive metastatic intrasinusoidal carcinomatous infliltration of the liver. The association of these two uncommon conditions has not previously been reported. A brief review of the literature pertaining to diffuse intrasinusoidal metastatic carcinomaof the liver and to carcinomatous pulmonary embolism is included. The latter condition may be commoner and of greater clinical significance than his hitherto been appreciated. Some of the factors which may be responsible for this peculiar type of tumour dissemination are discussed.

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