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Correlation between serological and immunofluorescence results in the investigation of brucellosis in veterinary surgeons.
  1. R J Henderson,
  2. D M Hill,
  3. A A Vickers,
  4. J M Edwards,
  5. H Tillett


    Four serological tests and three immunofluorescence tests for IgG, IgM, and IgA were compared for value in the investigation of brucellosis in veterinary surgeons. No one serological test stood out over the others, and the immunofluorescence tests did not appear to have advantages over the serological tests. If a laboratory is limited in time and resources then the saline agglutination or the complement fixation test would be reasonably satisfactory. The 2-mercaptoethanol test and the antihuman globulin (Coombs' test) have no advantages over the other two and could be dropped. Immunofluorescence tests are not recommended for routine testing of brucellosis sera. The results and these recommendations apply to the 'vet' sera tested; it is reasonable to suppose that what applies to 'vet' sera will also apply to sera of those who work with or are in repeated contact with cattle and who will have had previous experience of brucella antigen, that is, dairy farmers, herdsmen, or slaughter house employees.

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