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Indirect immunofluorescence assay for antibody to germ tube of Candida albicans--a new diagnostic test.
  1. Y M Ho,
  2. M H Ng,
  3. C H Teoh-Chan,
  4. P C Yue,
  5. C T Huang


    Indirect immunofluorescent and agglutination assay were used to study the anti-Candida albicans reactivities in the serum of 13 normal subjects and 14 patients infected with C. albicans. A significant increase in anti-C. albicans seroreactivity was observed during infection with this organism but the increase in the anti-germ tube immunofluorescence titre was the more marked. It is evident that the anti-germ tube immunofluorescence assay is more discriminatory for C. albicans infection than the conventional agglutination assay.

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